Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Testimonial - 2

This is from another trainee, who preferred to keep her identity private. She ran one of the World Marathon Majors in 2014, earning a Boston Qualification in the 18-34 age group.

1. When and why did you start training under D? What was your aim? 
I had heard about D from a fellow runner who is a friend of D's. by that time I had completed about 6 marathons, with a PB of3:40 
I heard about his training schedule which was similar to what I had been doing, 3-4 days of running. D believes in quality rather than quantity and doesn't push people to run junk mileage. I had been running 4 days a week , 1 - interval, 2- tempo, 3 - long runs 4- recovery run which was similar to D's plan. Along with his knowledge of strength training and nutrition, I was convinced that he's the best package and decided to join his training plan.
My personal aim was to break a 3.35-3.30 at some point 

2. How did D help you in achieving your running target? 
D's training is very systematic and structured and it's NOT easy. Every training plan is different, based on the time trial he makes you do and your individual ability. Its almost like he is listening to your body sitting in Bangalore. Also, he understands that if your body needs rest , he will give you a week off from running. D stressed a lot on strength training for me as I often get injured. The strength training I did twice a week really helped me with overall fitness. 

3. Tell us 3 things about D that you really like? 
D is like a tyrant! I almost get scared before reading his emails coz I knew he would be yelling at me for defying him about something ! But D keeps you very very focussed. his knowledge about EVERY other sport is incredible ! Whenever I would feel like I cant push more, he would give me a 30 min lecture on other ppl around the world and their problems and struggles. it makes you look at life with a different perspective. 

4. How has this improvement helped you as a runner and as a person? 
I feel stronger, more confident and I achieved my PB !

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